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You can us one of these two as a reaction GIF to almost everything he does.

"I wanna partner up on this thing."

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"Pine, safe to say, is a revelation. OK, so we’ve seen flashes of his comedy chops while playing Captain Kirk in the Star Trek movies and as a CIA operative in McG’s light-hearted actioner This Means War. But his charismatic turn in Horrible Bosses 2 is bigger and broader than you’d ever imagine he could go.

“You spend 12 hours a day on set and all you do is laugh,” 

says Pine, hair swept back, eyes piercingly blue, hand forever jabbing at a bowl of blueberries.

“I turned to Bateman and said, ‘I totally get why you do this. Why would anyone want to make The Machinist?’ It’s fun making other people laugh. We don’t go out to dinner and try to make the other person cry.”

It was the laughter on set, he says, that helped boost him to the required level.

“I was trying to do scenes and I’d have Charlie behind me, just trying to make me laugh. It pumps you up. You

laugh, your heartbeat rises, you get into it. Plus the other guys said, ‘Fucking go for it’.”

Pine enjoyed the experience so much, he hopes it will act as a pivotal moment in his career.

“If they’ll give me a shot, I’ll do these all day long,” he nods, now tossing a rubber ball from hand to hand to loosen up a bad back.

“I just want to have fun. When I started out, I got into acting for the art. I think I’m just fucking over it now. I want to laugh, have a great time, enjoy the people I work with, and not have to worry and brood.”

His character, who he describes as “a sociopath and a fucking asshole who’s completely manipulative but also really, really wants to have friends”, arguably steals the movie.

source: Total Film/November2014

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