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2011.04.25 Part 2

Armani Code embodies the vision of a classic fragrance reinterpreted with a modern twist

You are definitely having a bit of a fashion moment lately, so it’s no wonder Giorgio Armani had snapped you up for the campaign. But why do you think you are the ideal new Giorgio God?

I hope that I’m gonna do my best… I think Armani represents simplicity, elegance, tastefulness and timelessness. For 50 years he does elegant suits, he is not a slave to fashion and I know he wanted to tell a good story with that film. I enjoyed the fact that other commercials I saw had some humour in it, took itself as seriously as a brand, but didn’t take itself too seriously at the same time and I like that.

Does being the face of Armani bring new pressures?

No, I don’t think there is any pressure. I feel really comfortable with the team behind it, they are all incredible; the director, the photographer, Mr. Armani himself… They are all fantastic and very well taking care of my face on the campaign.

What was your path to becoming an actor? As you studied English, can we say that you didn’t aim to be an actor?

I didn’t aim to be an actor. Because my parents weren’t around me when I was growing up so we didn’t talk about it on the dinner table. Certainly I wanted to do it because that was the business my father was in and I saw the ups and downs and I didn’t have a romantic vision of it. I did my first acting at high school and then I went to college and did even more. By the time I graduated, I seemed to do it for my life. It seemed like it happened by mistake, but I guess it makes a lot of sense.

At the tender age of 28, you became the youngest actor to play a lead in Star Trek. Did it excite you? How was your audition?

My audition was terrible at first, but six months later I was in so I was very lucky there. Yes, I was very young but I had been acting for five years professionally. I was very fortunate among lots of good actors and shared that pressure and responsibility with them.

It seems to be a busy year for you. You will co-star with Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp later this year in Rob Marshall’s musical ‘Into the Woods’. You are also currently shooting ‘Z for Zachariah’ in New Zealand.

Oh, New Zealand is fantastic. ‘Z for Zachariah’ is a small film but a great psychological drama, a kind of morality play. I come in late in the story and caused trouble. It was lot of fun. ‘Into the Woods’ finished last year and will come out this Christmas.

What is your favourite city and holiday destination?

I have so many. But I love New York City, Paris, and I really look forward to going to Istanbul. My favourite holiday destination depends on my mood really. I love boarding California.

Have you ever googled yourself?

Of course I have. A frightening experience.

What’s next? Are we going to see you in more commercials in the following years?

I don’t know. But these forms are actually quite fun beacuse they are like short films and I want to work with this group of talents again.

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